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Games that fuel your portfolio

Where else can you spend your time drawing, dreaming and playing video games at work? At Okuru Games, we encourage our employees to do just that. That's why we love our work. At the Okuru Games team, we strive to be the best gaming studio in the Cryptoverse. We like to work with different studios and breathe life into creative ideas and visions. Together we push the Okuru project with fun!


What are Okuru Buyback ?

Okuru Games Buyback is a program that involves using the profits generated from Okuru Games to buy back Okuru Tokens. This program helps to maintain the value of the token and support its ecosystem by increasing the demand for Okuru. The buyback of tokens reduces the circulating supply of Okuru, which in turn can drive up the price of the token. This provides a stable investment opportunity for holders of Okuru Tokens and helps to ensure that the token remains a valuable asset for its users. The Okuru Games Buyback program is an important component of the Okuru Token ecosystem and is designed to benefit both the project and its holders.


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Games for PC, Android, and IOS, revenue is being used for XOT buybacks.

XOT Content Marketplace for Music, Videos, Items, NFTs and non-NFTs, purchasable with  XOT

Integration of XOT by 3rd parties to operate games and activities (Roleplay, Metaverse, gambling, etc) 

the XOT Entertainment sector

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Planet Okuru of XOT

The Okuruverse is integrated into the Okuru Buyback program, which means that the profits generated from the Okuruverse activities are used for buying back Okuru Tokens (XOT). The Okuruverse is a comprehensive ecosystem that includes various elements to provide a rich and diverse experience for its users.


It includes games for PC, Android, and IOS, where the revenue generated from these games is used for XOT buybacks. In addition, the Okuruverse features a XOT Content Marketplace, where users can purchase music, videos, items, NFTs, and non-NFTs using XOT.


This marketplace provides a unique and valuable use case for XOT, further increasing its utility and value. The Okuruverse also allows for the integration of XOT by third-party platforms to operate games and activities such as roleplay, metaverse, gambling, etc. This integration further expands the reach and impact of XOT, making it a central part of the Okuruverse ecosystem.

What is the Okuruverse ?

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