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Tools and Services

Welcome to Okuru, we are constantly working with our partners on new solutions, concepts, ideas, and opportunities for Okuru to enter new markets and ways of Decentralized and centralized finances.

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Okuru Web Wallet (BETA)

Okuru Web Wallet is a non-custodial hot wallet running nearly on everything with a browser and internet connection.
No registration required, no KYC, total freedom.

Any control over your tokens and coins is yours, please keep in mind that you should only use the wallet on secure devices.

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Multichain Router allows users to swap between any two chains freely. It reduces fees and makes it easier to move between chains.

Multichain’s 1:1 swap enables users to perform 0 slippage transfers and eliminate the hidden cost associated with AMM.

work in progress



By Community

Verified community members who offer various services on the Okuru Discord Server and accept XOT as payment.

Fast and uncomplicated, simply choose a service, discuss it with the service provider and pay locally with XOT

work in progress


Okuru Games

Modern games for PC, Android, and IOS with direct or indirect XOT integration. 50% of the revenue is being used for XOT buybacks

Games that fuel your portfolio !
Together we push the Okuru project with fun!

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